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Hohlkoerper und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

Producing hollow carbon object by gas phase deposition on metal substrate used in medical and biological technology results in tapered cone including axial cavity running from base to tip.
: Jiang, X.; Zhang, G.Y.

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DE 2002-10243841 A: 20020913
DE 2002-10243841 A: 20020913
DE 10243841 A1: 20040415
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Hohlkoerpers (1) aus Kohlenstoff durch Gasphasenabscheidung auf einem Metallsubstrat sowie den Hohlkoerper selbst und die Verwendung desselben. Der Hohlkoerper weist einen von seiner Basis (1.1) zu seiner Spitze (1.2) hin sich verjuengenden Aussenquerschnitt und eine entlang einer Zentralachse (3) von der Basis zur Spitze verlaufenden Hohlraum (4) auf.


DE 10243841 A UPAB: 20040525 NOVELTY - The object outer cross section, tapers from its base (1.1) to its tip (1.2). A cavity (4) runs along a central axis (3) from base to the tip. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for the corresponding object. USE - To produce a hollow carbon object by gas phase deposition on a metal substrate. The object is used in medical and biological technology. It forms a nano-nozzle (7) or nano-writer for nano-CVD. It is used in nano-etching to produce or deposit nanostructures. The tip is a scanning tunnel- or scanning force microscope. ADVANTAGE - The hollow object, which supports mechanical loads, is made economically on an industrial scale. The product requires no final machining, as it automatically reaches its final shape which is a hollow cone, during deposition. In having a hollow interior of constant section, it resembles known nanotubes. The metal substrate acts as a catalyst for deposition, promoting rapid axial- and slower lateral growth, resulting in the conical form.