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Benchmarking sensors in smart environments - Method and use cases

: Braun, Andreas; Wichert, Reiner; Kuijper, Arjan; Fellner, Dieter W.


Journal of ambient intelligence and smart environments 8 (2016), Nr.6, S.645-664
ISSN: 1876-1364
ISSN: 1876-1372
Fraunhofer IGD ()
smart environments; modeling; sensor technology; capacitive sensors; proximity sensing; Benchmarking; Guiding Theme: Smart City; Research Area: Human computer interaction (HCI)

Smart environment applications can be based on a large variety of different sensors that may support the same use case, but have specific advantages or disadvantages. Benchmarking can allow determining the most suitable sensor systems for a given application by calculating a single benchmarking score, based on weighted evaluation of features that are relevant in smart environments. This set of features has to represent the complexity of applications in smart environments. In this work we present a benchmarking model that can calculate a benchmarking score, based on nine selected features that cover aspects of performance, the environment and the pervasiveness of the application. Extensions are presented that normalize the benchmarking score if required and compensate central tendency bias, if necessary. We outline how this model is applied to capacitive proximity sensors that measure properties of conductive objects over a distance. The model is used to identify existing and find potential new application domains for this upcoming technology in smart environments.