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Chitindeacetylase und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

Nucleic acid encoding chitin deacetylase, useful for preparing chitosan for use in medicine, agriculture and foods, also related proteins and antibodies
: Zakaria, H.; Otto, B.; Schmalz, C.

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DE 2001-10111083 A: 20010308
DE 2001-10111083 A: 20010308
WO 2002-EP2585 A: 20020308
DE 10111083 B4: 20060622
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft Chitindeacetylasesequenzen und davon codierte Proteine, die fuer die Umsetzung von Biopolymeren zu Glucosamin geeignet sind.


WO 200270712 A UPAB: 20030129 NOVELTY - Nucleic acid (I) that encodes a protein (II) with chitin deacetylase activity is new. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Nucleic acid (I) that encodes a protein (II) with chitin deacetylase activity is: (a) any of sequences (1)-(7), reproduced, of 636-1518 bp, or their fragments; (b) a sequence that encodes proteins (8)-(13), reproduced, of 211-356 amino acids; (c) the complement of (a) or (b); (d) a sequence derived from (a)-(c) by substitution, addition, inversion and/or deletion of one or more nucleotides; or (e) a sequence that, e.g. because of the degeneracy of the genetic code, hybridizes to (a)-(d) or their fragments. INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for: (1) vector that contains (I); (2) host cell containing (I) or the vector of (1); (3) protein (II) encoded by (I) or produced by cells of (2); (4) antibody (Ab) that reacts with (II); (5) recombinant production of (II); and (6) production of chitosan from chitin by treatment with (II) or the cells of (2). USE - (II), Or cells that express it, are used to convert chitin to chitosan, for use in pharmaceuticals, agriculture and foods. Antibodies raised against (II) are useful for affinity purification and/or detection of (II). ADVANTAGE - (I) Makes possible industrial scale, inexpensive, non-polluting and efficient production of chitosan.