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Verbundsystem aus Traegermaterial und mindestens einer eine Barrierematerial enthaltenden Schicht

Composite system comprising barrier coating on substrate, useful for protecting e.g. foods against e.g. oxygen or water vapor, includes protein layer.
: Moosheimer, U.; Kippenhahn, R.; Waesche, A.; Kleinheins, S.; Borcherding, A.; Luck, T.

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DE 2000-10032361 A: 20000704
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verbundsystem aus Traegermaterial und mindestens einer Barrierebeschichtung. Auf dem Traegermaterial sind mindestens zwei Schichten angeordnet, wobei mindestens eine Schicht eine Proteinschicht und mindestens eine weitere Schicht eine Schicht aus einem anorganischen Material und/oder organischem Monomer ist.


WO 200202315 A UPAB: 20020524 NOVELTY - Composite system (A) comprises a carrier (B) and barrier coating (C) consisting of at least two layers, i.e. at least one protein layer (I) and at least one layer of inorganic material and/or organic monomer (II). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a method of preparing (A). USE - (A) is used over foods, pharmaceuticals or technical products, e.g. polyethylene or poly(ethylene terephthalate) bottles for beer, soft drinks, wine, etc.. ADVANTAGE - The system provides a barrier against oxygen, water vapor, perfumes and chemicals, on a wide variety of substrates. It is inexpensive (especially proteins are very cheap, can be applied from aqueous compositions, are acceptable for use with foods and are naturally adhesive) and can be made biodegradable. Since the coatings are water soluble, recycling of the carrier is facilitated. When applied first, (I) also functions as a smoothing layer.