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Konjugate aus Silikatpartikeln und Biomolekuelen und deren Anwendung in der medizinisch-technischen Diagnostik

New conjugate of silicate particles and biomolecule, useful as diagnostic reagent, e.g. in immunoassays, is uniformly dyed throughout its mass.
: Geiger, A.; Herrmann, R.; Kuerzinger, K.; Sluka, P.; Schottner, G.; Amberg-Schwab, S.; Schwert, R.; Josel, H.

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DE 2000-10047528 A: 20000922
DE 2000-10047528 A: 20000922
DE 10047528 A1: 20020502
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Die Erfindung betrifft Konjugate aus Silikatpartikeln und Biomolekuelen. Die Konjugate sind dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Silikatpartikel homogen durchgefaerbt sind. Die Erfindung betrifft ausserdem Verfahren zur Herstellung der Konjugate, deren Verwendung in diagnostischen Verfahren, ein diagnostisches Verfahren zum Nachweis eines Analyten in einer Probe mittels der Konjugate, ein diagnostisches Reagenz sowie Testkits und Teststreifen, die die erfindungsgemaessen Konjugate enthalten.


DE 10047528 A UPAB: 20020722 NOVELTY - Conjugate (A) of silicate particles (I) and biomolecules (II) in which (I) are homogeneously colored throughout. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (a) method for producing (A); (b) method for detecting an analyte using (A); and (c) diagnostic reagent, test kit or test strip containing (A). USE - (A) are used as reagents for diagnostic tests, particularly in immunoassays (where (II) is an antibody or its fragment and the dye in (I) serves as label), but also in nucleic acid hybridization assays, particularly in array or chip formats. ADVANTAGE - (I) are dyed uniformly over the entire particle so a high dye concentration is achieved in a small particle (contrast conventional particles that are surface dyed only). Color intensity is increased and problems of quenching at excessive dye concentrations are avoided. The dye content is easily controlled and by using small particles steric hindrance during diffusion is reduced. Many analytes may be determined simultaneously by using different dyes for each reagent.