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A multi server multi user approach for distributed virtual environments

: Runde, C.; Decker, F.; Talaba, D.; Girbacia, F.

Transilvania University of Brasov, Department of Product Design and Robotics:
Virtual Reality Technology and Applications : Proceedings of the VEGA Workshop, Brasov, 18-19 May, 2006
Brasov, Rumänien, 2006
International Workshop on Virtual Reality Technology and Applications <2006, Brasov, Rumänien>
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virtual reality; VRML; CAVE; virtuelle Umgebung; virtual environment; 3D-Visualisierung

In this paper a VR architecture is described that enables an easy and very scalable way to build up multi user and multi wall projection systems for distributed applications and generic VR interface integration. The approach is based on a multi server architecture and a strict separation of two layers of control of the distributed virtual environment. The 3D representation is full VRML 2.0 compliant thus all VRML sensors, events and sounds can be used. The same interactive 3D worlds run in full immersive VR theaters as well as on desktop systems.
The virtual environment includes also a wired haptic system and a voice command system, constituting thus a multimodal interface with 3D visualization and haptic as output modalities and tracking, speech and gesture as input modalities.