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3-D parts recognition for handling and sorting

: Modrich, K.-U.

Automated Imaging Association:
3-D Vision Sensors & Application : The Vision Show & Conference East, May 9-11, 2006, Boston, Massachusetts USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2006
34 S.
Vision Show & Conference East "3-D Vision Sensors & Application" <2006, Boston/Mass.>
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3D-Bildverarbeitung; bin-picking; image processing; machine vision; metrology; Metrologie; Bildverarbeitung

3-D sensors with faster data acquisition and more reasonable prices open up new applications similar to the many 2-D image processing in-process applications. This requires powerful basic algorithms, which can be used as building blocks for different 3-D data-processing applications. For the detailed analysis, we show some algorithms for extracting regular geometric features, which can be used for inspection or the determination of the orientation. Examples for robot bin picking applications as well as typically 3D measurement tasks will be shown in the presentation.