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Visualization for decision-making in smart cities

: Singh, Satyendra; Wenzel, Günter; Brettschneider, Frank


Vinod Kumar, T.M. (Ed.):
Smart Economy in Smart Cities. International Collaborative Research : Ottawa, St.Louis, Stuttgart, Bologna, Cape Town, Nairobi, Dakar, Lagos, New Delhi, Varanasi, Vijayawada, Kozhikode, Hong Kong
Singapore: Springer, 2017
ISBN: 978-981-10-1608-0
ISBN: 978-981-10-1610-3
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Fraunhofer IAO ()

Sustainable building construction encompasses ecological, economic, and social aspects. Economic and Social sustainability of large construction projects where a large number of people are affected is becoming increasingly critical without public participation. This is particularly relevant for development and redevelopment of city centres and urban areas. VisB+ Project led by Fraunhofer IAO explores the role of Visualization, BIM and Virtual reality to find sustainable and publically supported solutions and ensure public participation. Under the scope an investigation into existing legal and regulatory framework is also included which points out to public participation. Suggested visualization techniques combined with good communication management are increasingly becoming a central requirement to ensure the success of large projects.