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Model-based testing as a service

: Herbold, Steffen; Hoffmann, Andreas

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International journal on software tools for technology transfer 19 (2017), Nr.3, S.271-279
ISSN: 1433-2779
ISSN: 1433-2787
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The quality of Web services is an important factor for businesses that advertise or sell their services in the Internet. Failures can directly lead to fewer costumers or security problems. However, the testing of complex Web services that are organized in service-oriented architectures is a difficult and complex problem. Model-based testing (MBT) is one solution to deal with the complexity of the testing. With MBT, testers do not define the tests directly, but rather specify the structure and behavior of the System Under Test using models. Then, a test strategy is used to derive test cases automatically from the models. However, MBT yields a large amount of tests for complex systems which require lots of resources for their execution, thereby limiting its potential. Within this article, we discuss how cloud computing can be used to provide the required resources for scaling up test campaigns with large amounts of test cases derived using MBT.