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Renewable energy policy dialogue towards 2030. Editorial of the special issue

: Doukas, Haris; Karakosta, Charikleia; Eichhammer, Wolfgang


Energy and Environment 28 (2017), Nr.1-2, S.5-10
ISSN: 0958-305X
ISSN: 2048-4070 (Online)
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Renewable energy sources; Energy policy; Climate policy; Greenhouse gas reduction; Electricity markets

In view of the 2030 energy and climate objectives of the European Union, there is a need to evaluate the different options to shape the future framework for renewable energy sources (RES) policies and targets. The Special Issue focuses in seven papers on the following dimension of this future framework: (i) interactions between support for RES in the electricity sector and other climate and energy instruments in the European Union, (ii) challenges related to renewable energy technologies that have achieved a certain level of maturity, (iii) assessment of renewable and energy efficiency policies on natural gas markets and supply security, (iv) contribution of increasing district heating based on renewables to the renewable target achievements of Central and Eastern European, (v) how to support the successful achievement of renewable energy targets in the short and medium term and in a time horizon up to 2030, and how to share the efforts required among individual countries or groups of European Member States, (vi) influence of the rapidly increasing shares of variable renewable on the price on electricity markets as well as flexibility requirements in the electricity system, (vii) principal design features and context factors which increase or reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of RES-E auctions.