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Irradiation of radiation-tolerant single-mode optical fibers at cryogenic temperature

: Blanc, Jeremy; Ricci, Daniel; Kuhnhenn, Jochen; Weinand, Udo; Schumann, Olaf


Journal of Lightwave Technology 35 (2017), Nr.10, S.1929-1935
ISSN: 0733-8724
Fraunhofer INT ()
structure defects; annealing; cryogenic temperature; gamma radiation; LHC; micro-bending; optical fiber; radiation induced attenuation

Radiation effects at cryogenic temperature are investigated in two radiation-tolerant Fluorine-doped single-mode fibers originating from two different manufacturers. This paper presents measurements at room temperature (297 K) and at cryogenic temperature (16 K) of the radiation induced attenuation at 1312 nm and 1570 nm for both fibers. In addition to the massive increase of the optical attenuation at 16 K, the fiber is found to be in a frozen state where thermal bleaching and defect recombination no longer occurs. However, a long-term recovery, including the heating of the fiber from cryogenic temperature to room temperature, anneals a large amount of the defects created and brings the fiber back to almost its initial performance.