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Electrochromic properties of mixed oxides based on titanium and niobium for smart window applications

: Ulrich, S.; Szyszko, C.; Jung, S.; Vergöhl, M.


Surface and coatings technology 314 (2017), S.41-44
ISSN: 0257-8972
Fraunhofer IST ()
titanium niobate (TNO); TiNb₂O₇; electrochromics; smart window; co-sputtering

Titanium niobium mixed oxide films have been deposited by reactive magnetron serial co-sputtering. After post annealing at 650 °C in air, a monoclinic TiNb₂O₇ phase was achieved. Lithium intercalation properties were determined and cathodic switching behavior has been demonstrated for this material. Maximum switching of the integral visual transmittance of 16.8% has been determined for this sample with a thickness of 156 nm.