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Transceiver and method for reducing a self-interference of a transceiver

: Askar, Ramez; Schubert, Benjamin; Keusgen, Wilhelm

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WO 2017/008851 A1: 20150715
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A transceiver (1000) comprises an antenna arrangement (100) configured for interfacing a wireless transmission channel and comprising an interface (110) for receiving a sending signal (202) and an interface for providing a receiving signal (106). The transceiver comprises a main transmitter (200), an analog domain filter (300; 300'; 300"; 300"'), an auxiliary transmitter (400), a radio frequency interference removal stage (500), a main receiver (600), a feedback receiver (700) and a processor (800; 800') configured performing digital signal operations. The transceiver (1000) is configured for performing interference cancellation on a receiving signal in a radio frequency domain and in a digital domain.