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Komponentenbasierte Software-Technologie in der Produktionstechnik

: Langer, T.; Kreppenhofer, D.

Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb : ZWF 101 (2006), Nr.4, S.213-217
ISSN: 0947-0085
Fraunhofer IWU ()
traceability; Rückverfolgbarkeit; Softwaresystem; komponentenbasiert

It becomes apparent that company organization and production engineering on the one hand and information and communication technology on the other hand increasingly interfuse with each other. Software has become an important factor of success for numerous machine tools and systems. Unfortunately, most of the existing software solutions can not deal with the increasing dynamics and complexity complexity of production processes and systems engineering because they conceptionally lack capabilities for recurrent customization. Targeted application of modern software technologies in design and operation of such software allows for low-effort adaption to necessary changes in the production environment where, in addition to modularity and flexibility, stability and security are essential properties of accompanying software systems. These requirements play an especially important role when handling sensitive information regarding product, process and facility data.