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Determination of qualified spaces at two-view autostereoscopic displays from one-point luminance profile measurements

: Netzbandt, R.; Barré, R. de la


Journal of display technology 12 (2016), Nr.12, S.1732-1737
ISSN: 1551-319X
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We introduce an extended evaluation method to calculate the horizontal cross sections of qualified spaces. The method is based on one-point luminance measurements at the center of autostereoscopic two-view displays. It enables a powerful appraisal of autostereoscopic two-view displays with respect to the ergonomic viewpoint. We show how the freedom of movement for the observer of an autostereoscopic display depends on the interpupillary distance. Thus, individual interpupillary distances are considered to determine the new introduced qualified stereoscopic eye spaces. The evaluation of these spaces results in the quantification of the freedom of movement of the observers in the form of several reference values and charts. The introduced concept of qualified eye spaces is compatible with the current standardization of autostereoscopic displays and overcomes the limitations of the previously discussed concept of qualified viewing spaces.