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Tribometer based on in-situ and radionuclide technique and its characteristic experiment study

: Liu, L.; Zhang, Z.; Zhan, P.; Dienwiebel, M.

Yiqi-yibiao-xuebao = Chinese journal of scientific instrument 37 (2016), Nr.12, S.2873-2879
ISSN: 0254-3087
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Aiming at the deficiencies of traditional tribometers, a new tribometer based on in-situ and radionuclide techniques is developed in this paper. The working system and main components of the tribometer were designed and selected reasonably, based on which the in-situ holographic microscopy and radionuclide techniques were applied in the tribometer to realize the on-line in-situ observation of the microstructure of the material grinding crack surface in the friction process and the accurate real-time measurement of the wearing loss. The friction and wearing behavior experiments of the brass samples (i.e. 80% of copper and 20% of zinc) sliding against 100 of Cr6 under lubricated condition were conducted on the developed tribometer, and the samples were analyzed and studied with XPS, SEM and TEM after the experiments. The results indicate that the oxide layer formed on the grinding crack surface and the crystal grain refinement during the experiments are the main reasons f or good wearing resistance of the brass sample. The experiment results obtained with the tribometer are accurate, which provides an important reference basis for deeply studying the tribological behaviors of materials.