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Entwicklung eines Naßzerkleinerungsprozesses für partikuläre Materialien im Submikron-Bereich

Development of a wet grinding process for particles in the submicron range
: Michaelis, J.; Mikonsaari, I.; Müller, I.; Teipel, U.

Die Pharmazeutische Industrie 68 (2006), Nr.3, S.350-356
ISSN: 0031-711X
ISSN: 1616-7074
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The size and distribution of particles are particle characteristics which are among other things significantly important for processing charateristics of raw materials and biopharmaceutical properties of produced drugs. Shredding means decreasing the size of particles using mechanic forces, like cutting, crushing, mincing, chopping, milling or grinding. Particle size or rather particle size distribution does influence the processing characteristics of raw materials and the biopharmaceutic characteristics of manufactured drugs. Different apparatuses are used for milling particulate materials. For the grinding of materials to obtain a very fine product of extremely small particle size, stirred ball mills are used, because they reach higher energy densities and therefore work more efficiently in comparison to other mills. The mill used in the present studies has an integrated cooling system which allows the processing of heatlabile substances. It was the aim of our project to develop a technical process for a milling procedure for substances resulting in the lowest achievable particle sizes. Herefore the influence of several operational parameters which lead to different particle sizes were investigated. As crucial parameters, the size of the grinding balls, the grinding ball material, the grinding ball filling level, the revolution of the rotor and the duration of the process within the mill were measured.