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Friction analyses of dimple-structured surface

: Stoeterau, Rodrigo Lima; Janssen, Andreas; Mallmann, Guilherme

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Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation. Online journal 6 (2016), Nr.6, S.269-276
ISSN: 2159-5275
ISSN: 2159-5283
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Lasermaterialbearbeitung; Simulation; Verschleiß

This paper proposes an investigation of the effects of laser engineering surface with dimple operating under lubrication. Dimples with semi-spherical geometry, with 100 μm in diameter and 25 μm in depth, were Laser-machined on the surfaces of high speed steel AISI H13 discs, with three different distribution densities applied over the surface. Pin-on-disc experiments were performed by using counter bodies made with AISI 440C and Tungsten carbide ISO K20 pins. The experiments provided data information on the influence of dimple distribution on the coefficient of friction. Numerical simulations were performed to understand the influence of the pin and disc surface roughness on the contact problem. The results suggest that the design of dimple-structured surfaces rely on nine main parameters: material contact pair and its respective hardness, Young Modulus, the roughness of the surfaces, the dimple design, the dimple distribution, the load applied, the velocity and the type of lubricant. A better performance can be obtained from a compromise solution over these parameters, and the dimple concentration has a dominance over the other parameters. The best results were obtained with a lower concentration of dimples, under higher speed and load. Numerical simulations can also be used as a design tool, supporting decisions regarding shape and distribution of the dimples and material selections for the contact pair.