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Standard-based IoT platforms interworking: Implementation, experiences, and lessons learned

: Kim, Jaeho; Yun, Jaseok; Choi, Sung-Chan; Seed, Dale N.; Lu, Guang; Bauer, Martin; Al-Hezmi, Adel; Campowsky, Konrad; Song, JaSeung


IEEE Communications Magazine 54 (2016), Nr.7, S.48-54
ISSN: 0163-6804
European Commission EC
FP7-ICT; 632893; Fi-Core
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) provides a great opportunity to many vertical industries because IoT interconnects various devices such as sensors and actuators and collects/processes data from them in order to improve services and reduce costs. As there exists many IoT technologies in the market, global standards and interworking mechanisms are critical to the success of the IoT. This article introduces standardized interworking interfaces and procedures based on oneM2M global standards, and tests them through use cases involving multiple IoT service platforms. The interworking involves smart city applications/services running on multiple IoT service layer platforms interoperating with each other. The main purpose of the interworking experiment is to show how machine-to-machine (M2M)/IoT service providers are using oneM2M compliant service layer platforms to deliver services more efficiently across multiple technology domains such as smart city. Because the deployment configurations of this interworking experiment span multiple domains, and the IoT devices and platforms are from different companies, we believe that this interworking experiment clearly proves that global IoT standards specifications can foster implementations of a service layer that enables services and interoperability between devices/device networks and cloud-based applications.