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Strategies and first advances in the development of prevascularized bone implants

: Rücker, Christoph; Kirch, Holger; Pullig, Oliver; Walles, Heike


Current molecular biology reports 2 (2016), Nr.3, S.149-157
ISSN: 2198-6428 (Online)
Fraunhofer IGB ()

Despite the great regenerative potential of human bone, large bone defects are a serious condition. Commonly, large defects are caused by trauma, bone disease, malignant tumor removal, and infection or medication-related osteonecrosis. Large defects necessitate clinical treatment in the form of autologous bone transplantation or implantation of biomaterials as well as the application of other available methods that enhance bone defect repair. The development and application of prevascularized bone implants are closely related to the development animal models and require dedicated methods in order to reliably predict possible clinical outcomes and the efficacy of implants. Cell sheet engineering, 3D-printing, arteriovenous loops, and naturally derived decellularized scaffolds and their respective testings in animal models are presented as alternative to the autologous bone graft in this article.