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Single-input GaN gate driver based on depletion-mode logic integrated with a 600 V GaN-on-Si power transistor

: Mönch, S.; Kallfass, I.; Reiner, R.; Weiss, B.; Waltereit, P.; Quay, R.; Ambacher, O.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-; IEEE Power Electronics Society; IEEE Electron Devices Society:
4th IEEE Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications, WiPDA 2016 : Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA; November 7-9, 2016
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-5090-1576-4
ISBN: 978-1-5090-1575-7
ISBN: 978-1-5090-1577-1
Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Applications (WiPDA) <4, 2016, Fayetteville/Arkansas>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
power integrated circuits; driver circuits; logic circuits; gallium nitride; HEMTs; dc-dc power converters; normally-off

This work presents a monolithically-integrated power circuit with a single control input gate driver based on depletion-mode logic and a 600 V, 150 mOMEGA power HEMT in GaNon- Si technology. The gate driver final-stage is a push-pull circuit, in which the pull-up transistor is indirectly driven through a depletion-load logic inverter, whereas the pull-down transistor is directly driven by the single external control input. Measurements of soft- and hard-switching turn-on transitions in an inductive-load half-bridge at 300 V/ 4 A demonstrate controllability of the turn-on speed by adding an external speedup resistor in parallel to the depletion-load. Gate-charge measurements show a 25-fold reduction of external pre-driver drive capability requirement during a 400 V turn-on transition, since the main power transistor gate-charge (8.5 nC)-related losses are provided and dissipated within the GaN power device, and only the pull-down gate driver transistor gate-charge of 0.34 nC has to be provided externally by the pre-driver circuit.