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Li-Fi interconnects for embedded designs in industry 4.0

: Faulwaßer, Michael; Deicke, Frank; Ostermann, Robert; Schneider, Tobias

Embedded world Conference 2016. Exhibition & Conference : Nuremberg, Germany, February 23-25, 2016
Haar: WEKA Fachmedien, 2016
ISBN: 978-3-645-50159-0
4 S.
Embedded World Conference <2016, Nuremburg>
Fraunhofer IPMS ()
optical wireless; infrared; 10 Gb/s; IrDA; mobile; IoT; industry 4.0

Nowadays, designers are often confronted with the transfer of high amount of data between mobile targets to provide innovative mechatronic solutions. Typically, that data is generated by analog-digital converters, imaging or other broadband systems. First embedded processing systems are located close to or even on the sensor/actuator platforms and farther away from higher level systems. Non-ideal scenarios with moving, vibrating or rotating components require often a simple wireless communication technology to achieve low-latency machine-to-machine or low-level board-to-board communication. In this situation there is a design gap where connectors cannot be used and wireless RF-technologies additionally limit the system in terms of data rate, regulation, security, EMC and real-time capabilities. Optical-wireless communication shows its strength in these circumstances. A miniaturized optical wireless 10 Gb/s Li-Fi system is presented which allows to setup up high data rate and low-latency real-time links in embedded systems. This system provides bi-directional half and full-duplex communication over a distance of 10 cm with a BER < 1E-11. The transceiver package consumes a small area of 1.4 sq. cm. Straightforward spatial multiplexing of multiple links is described as well as scenarios where optical-wireless is the key technology for board-2-board communication.