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Framework to design type-based transfer processes between technology and product development

: Schuh, Günther; Apfel, Katharina

Management studies 2 (2014), Nr.6, S.357-372
ISSN: 2328-2185
Fraunhofer IPT ()

To stay globally competitive, manufacturing companies are increasingly under pressure to bring new products and applications to market, improve existing products, and discover new technologies to produce them at a lower price. New technological findings can enable companies to overcome these challenges. In practice, technology development associated with a long time horizon is often given a lower priority compared with short-term focused product development thus being stronger restricted by everyday business. More and more companies separate their technology development department from product development to promote technological innovations. Due to this additional interface in the R&D organization new problems arise, resulting in technologies not being implemented in products. The reasons for these problems amongst others concern wrong timing for the transfer or inadequate definition of responsibilities. In this paper of ongoing research, authors introduce a framework to design the transfer processes between technology development and product development. Although there are a number of options for designing the operative transfer, there is no regulatory framework specifying which configuration options are at this particular interface. The approach is to develop a model, which is able to design different company-specific transfer processes taking into account the object being transferred at this interface. Thus, for different objects to be transferred, different transfer processes are designed. The models aim is to enable responsibility of the R&D management to design their company-specific transfer processes to enable more technologies being implemented into products, thus giving the whole company the possibility to act more innovatively.