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Semantic interoperability for the web of things

Published on ResearchGate
: Bassbouss, Louay; Bauer, Martin; Ben Alaya, Mahdi; Bhowmik, Rajdeep; Chakraborty, Rabindra; Dadas, Mohammed; Davies, John; Diab, Wael; Drira, Khalil; Eastham, Bryant; El Kaed, Charbel; Elloumi, Omar; Girod-Genet, Marc; Hernandez, Nathalie; Hoffmeister, Michael; Jiménez, Jaime; Kanti Datta, Soumya; Khan, Imran; Kim, Dongjoo; Kraft, Andreas; Logvinov, Oleg; Longstreth, Terry; Martigne, Patricia; Mladin, Catalina; Monteil, Thierry; Murdock, Paul; Nappey, Philippé; Raggett, Dave; Roes, Jasper; Serrano, Martin; Seydoux, Nicolas; Simmon, Eric; Subramaniam, Ravi; Swetina, Joerg; Underwood, Mark; Wang, Chonggang; Whitehead, Cliff; Zhang, Yongjing

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2016, 19 S.
Internetbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
WoT; IoT; semantics; interoperability

This paper is co-authored by an informal group of experts from a broad range of backgrounds all of whom are active in standards groups, consortia and/or alliances in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.
The ambition is to create mindshare on approaches to semantic interoperability and to actively encourage consensus building on what the co-authors regard as a key technical issue.