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Biomechanical model for computing deformations for whole-body image registration: A meshless approach

: Li, M.; Miller, K.; Joldes, G.R.; Kikinis, R.; Wittek, A.


International journal for numerical methods in biomedical engineering 32 (2016), Nr.12, Art. e02771
ISSN: 2040-7939
ISSN: 2040-7947
Fraunhofer MEVIS ()

Patient-specific biomechanical models have been advocated as a tool for predicting deformations of soft body organs/tissue for medical image registration (aligning two sets of images) when differences between the images are large. However, complex and irregular geometry of the body organs makes generation of patient-specific biomechanical models very time-consuming. Meshless discretisation has been proposed to solve this challenge. However, applications so far have been limited to 2D models and computing single organ deformations. In this study, 3D comprehensive patient-specific nonlinear biomechanical models implemented using meshless Total Lagrangian explicit dynamics algorithms are applied to predict a 3D deformation field for whole-body image registration.