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Diffusion and lifetime modeling for slurry aluminide coating on P92 at 650°C with a computational and experimental approach

: Krukovskyi, P.; Metel, M.; Agüero, A.; Muelas, R.; Kolarik, V.


Materials and corrosion 67 (2016), Nr.12, S.1261–1268
ISSN: 0947-5117
ISSN: 0043-2822
ISSN: 1521-4176
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The present work is devoted to the estimation of the coating lifetime by modeling aluminum diffusion in a slurry-applied coating on P92 at 650°C employing the computational and experimental approach. This coating protects ferritic steels from both steam and fireside corrosion on new coal-fired power plants operating under super-supercritical steam parameters. The computer model of the diffusion and oxidation based on a numerical solving of the differential equations of diffusion was developed, and its unknown parameters, namely the concentration-dependent aluminum diffusion coefficient, were identified from relatively short-term experimental tests up to 8000h using the inverse problem solution approach. The model was then used for coating lifetime estimation and furthermore for obtaining the dependency of the lifetime on the initial coating thickness and on the critical beneath-surface aluminum content defined for the estimation.