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Analytical method development for the determination of eight biocides in various environmental compartments and application for monitoring purposes

: Wluka, A.-K.; Rüdel, H.; Pohl, K.; Schwarzbauer, J.


Environmental science and pollution research international : ESPR 23 (2016), Nr.21, S.21894-21907
ISSN: 0944-1344
ISSN: 1614-7499
Fraunhofer IME ()

The main objective of this study was the development of simple multi-parameter methods for the analyses of biocides in various environmental matrices (wastewater, surface water, and sewage sludge) for measurement and monitoring activities. Eight target substances (triclosan, methyltriclosan (transformation product of triclosan), cybutryne (Irgarol), and the azole fungicides propiconazole, tebuconazole, imazalil, thiabendazole, and cyproconazole) were chosen for determination in selected sample sets. For surface water and wastewater samples a solid-phase extraction (SPE) method and for sewage sludge samples an accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) were developed. The extracts were analyzed by gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric methods (GC/MS), and the analytical methods were checked to ensure sufficient sensitivity by comparing the limits of quantification (LOQs) to the predicted no effect concentrations (PNECs) of the selected biocides. For quality control, recovery rates were determined.