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Connecting charge transfer kinetics to device parameters of a narrow-bandgap polymer-based solar cell

: Song, J.; Lee, Y.; Jin, B.; An, J.; Park, H.; Park, H.; Lee, M.; Im, C.


Physical chemistry, chemical physics : PCCP 18 (2016), Nr.38, S.26550-26561
ISSN: 1463-9076
Fraunhofer ISE ()

To achieve intrinsically light-weight flexible photovoltaic devices, a bulk-heterojunction-type active layer with a narrow-bandgap polymer is still considered as one of the most important candidates. Therefore, detailed information about the charge transfer efficiency from a photo-excited species on an electron-donating polymer to an electron acceptor is an important factor, given that it is among the most fundamental quantitative measures to understand the solar power conversion efficiency, in particular at the initial stage followed by primary exciton formation. To obtain accurate information in this regard, wide-range acceptor concentration-dependent transient absorption spectroscopy with femtosecond laser pulse excitation was performed using a representative narrow-bandgap polymer, commonly known as PTB7.