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Dual-mode spectral imaging system employing a focus variable lens

: Förster, E.; Stürmer, M.; Wallrabe, U.; Korvink, J.; Bohnert, P.; Brunner, R.


Advanced Optical Technologies 5 (2016), Nr.2, S.167-176
ISSN: 2192-8584
ISSN: 2192-8576
Fraunhofer IOF ()

This paper presents a dual-mode spectral imaging system, which allows switching between pure lateral imaging and the spectrally resolved recording of spatial information. The optical system was equipped with tunable functionalities in order to achieve high flexibility, cover a wide range of object distances, and address extended field angles. A fluidic membrane lens was used for the variable focus, and the recording of the laterally extended scene was made possible by successively adjusting the different tilting angles to the different object positions. The capability and performance of the spectral imaging system were assessed using various test scenes, with different aimed field positions and changing object distances.