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Development of adaptive methods for the reduced noise transmission through a symmetric double-glazed window

: Klaus, T.B.; Herold, S.; Heuss, O.; Melz, T.

Journal of vibration engineering & technologies 4 (2016), Nr.3, S.201-212
ISSN: 2321-3558
Fraunhofer LBF ()

In civil households double-glazed windows turn out as weak spots regarding the noise-transmission. By this means adaptive methods operating on the glass plates or the air gap between them can be considered for the reduction of sound. As example of the real instrumentation a rectangular cavity with a mounted double-glazed window is used as test-rig. The system is experimentally characterised and simulated using a commercial Finite-Element code. In terms of noise-transmission the gained model is reduced using model order reduction techniques and transferred to a system level simulation environment for the design of adaptive measures. In particular adaptive Helmholtz resonators are examined for reduction of the transmitted noise. Evaluating the effect, the radiated sound pressure is calculated using the acoustic monopole synthesis.