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Exploring the use of non-image-based ultrasound to detect the position of the residual femur within a stump

: Chong, Sook-Yee; Röhrle, Oliver

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PLoS one. Online journal 11 (2016), Nr.10, Art. e0164583, 22 S.
ISSN: 1932-6203
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Medizintechnik; Messverfahren mit Ultraschall; Prothese

A satisfactorily fitted socket interacts dynamically with the stump in order to support body weight, transmit load effectively, enhance dynamic stability, and enable the control and stabilization of the residual limb. The internal dynamics occurring within a socket is important in determining optimal fit. Many measurement and imaging techniques, such as X-rays, have been utilized to investigate the movement of the residual femur within the stump during gait. However, due to associated health risks and costs, none of the current techniques have been extended to clinical prosthetics. The use of B-mode ultrasound has been suggested as a safe and cheap alternative, and has been utilized in previous studies to monitor the motion of the femur. However, the need to create a duplicate socket and time-consuming analysis of the images were obstacles to the system being applied clinically.