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Adhesion force mapping on wood by atomic force microscopy

Influence of surface roughness and tip geometry
: Jin, X.; Kasal, B.


Royal Society Open Science 3 (2016), Nr.10, Art. 160248, 7 S.
ISSN: 2054-5703
Fraunhofer WKI ()
atomic force microscopy; wood; natural fibre; surface roughness; adhesion force measurement; tip geometry

This study attempts to address the interpretation of atomic force microscopy (AFM) adhesion force measurements conducted on the heterogeneous rough surface of wood and natural fibre materials. The influences of wood surface roughness, tip geometry and wear on the adhesion force distribution are examined by cyclic measurements conducted on wood surface under dry inert conditions. It was found that both the variation of tip and surface roughness of wood can widen the distribution of adhesion forces, which are essential for data interpretation. When a common Si AFM tip with nanometre size is used, the influence of tip wear can be significant. Therefore, control experiments should take the sequence of measurements into consideration, e.g. repeated experiments with used tip. In comparison, colloidal tips provide highly reproducible results. Similar average values but different distributions are shown for the adhesion measured on two major components of wood surface (cell wall and lumen). Evidence supports the hypothesis that the difference of the adhesion force distribution on these two locations was mainly induced by their surface roughness.