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Rationales for a multi-epitope approach in an autologous renal cell cancer timor vaccine

: Wittke, Stefan; Baxmann, Susann; Fahlenkamp, Dirk; Schmiedeknecht, Gerno; Kebbel, Kati; Kießig, Stephan T.

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Journal of vaccines & vaccination 7 (2016), Nr.4, Art. 327, 5 S.
ISSN: 2157-7560
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renal cell carcinoma; tumor associated antigens; therapeutic vaccine; potency testing; multi epitope approach; FACS

Objective: We report about a study according to a detailed characterization of an autologous tumor vaccine already used successfully in the immune therapy of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The original paper was published in Onco Targets Therapy in 2016. This short communication summarizes the contents of the respective publication as well as shows new results of additional investigations by FACS-analysis.
Method: A total of 133 tumor cell lysates (TCL) were investigated by ELISA, Western blots, topological proteomics and FACS analysis.
Results: A total of 36 tumor-associated antigens (TAA) and cellular marker proteins were considered for analysis, whereof none was detectable in each tumor lysate. Moreover, the coincidental presence of potential danger signals was shown for HSP 60 and 70.
Conclusion: In conclusion the verified tumor heterogeneity indicates the need for a multi-epitope approach for the successful immunotherapy in renal cell carcinoma.