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Nonproliferative and proliferative lesions of the rat and mouse skeletal tissues (bones, joints, and teeth)

: Fossey, Stacey; Vahle, John; Long, Philip; Schelling, Scott; Ernst, Heinrich; Boyce, Rogely Waite; Jolette, Jacquelin; Bolon, Brad; Bendele, Alison; Rinke, Matthias; Healy, Laura; High, Wanda; Roth, Daniel Robert; Boyle, Michael; Leininger, Joel

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Erstellt am: 5.11.2016

Journal of toxicologic pathology 29 (2016), Nr.3, Supplement, S.49S-103S
ISSN: 0914-9198
ISSN: 1881-915X
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Fraunhofer ITEM ()
diagnostic pathology; nomenclature; diagnostic criteria; skeletal system; bone; joint; teeth

The INHAND (International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria for Lesions in Rats and Mice) Project ( is an initiative of the Societies of Toxicological Pathology from Europe (ESTP), Great Britain (BSTP), Japan (JSTP) and North America (STP) to develop an internationally accepted nomenclature for proliferative and nonproliferative lesions in laboratory animals. The purpose of this publication is to provide a standardized nomenclature for classifying microscopic lesions observed in the skeletal tissues and teeth of laboratory rats and mice, with color photomicrographs illustrating examples of many common lesions. The standardized nomenclature presented in this document is also available on the internet ( Sources of material were databases from government, academic and industrial laboratories throughout the world.