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Scaling behavior of EEG amplitude and frequency time series across sleep stages

: Kantelhardt, J.W.; Tismer, S.; Gans, F.; Schumann, A.Y.; Penzel, T.


epl. A letters journal exploring the frontiers of physics 112 (2015), Nr.1
ISSN: 0302-072X
ISSN: 0295-5075
ISSN: 1286-4854
Fraunhofer IWM ( IMWS) ()

We study short-term and long-term persistence properties (related with auto-correlations) of amplitudes and frequencies of EEG oscillations in 176 healthy subjects and 40 patients during nocturnal sleep. The amplitudes show scaling from 2 to 500 seconds (depending on the considered band) with large fluctuation exponents during (nocturnal) wakefulness (0.73-0.83) and small ones during deep sleep (0.50-0.69). Light sleep is similar to deep sleep, while REM sleep (0.64-0.76) is closer to wakefulness except for the EEG γ band. Some of the frequency time series also show long-term scaling, depending on the selected bands and stages. Only minor deviations are seen for patients with depression, anxiety, or Parkinson's disease.