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Round-Robin Test of Paraffin Phase-Change Material

: Vidi, S.; Mehling, H.; Hemberger, F.; Haussmann, T.; Laube, A.


International journal of thermophysics 36 (2015), Nr.10-11, S.2518-2522
ISSN: 0195-928X
Fraunhofer ISE ()

A round-robin test between three institutes was performed on a paraffin phase-change material (PCM) in the context of the German quality association for phase-change materials. The aim of the quality association is to define quality and test specifications for PCMs and to award certificates for successfully tested materials. To ensure the reproducibility and comparability of the measurements performed at different institutes using different measuring methods, a round-robin test was performed. The sample was unknown. The four methods used by the three participating institutes in the round-robin test were differential scanning calorimetry, Calvet calorimetry and three-layer calorimetry. Additionally, T-history measurements were made. The aim of the measurements was the determination of the enthalpy as a function of temperature. The results achieved following defined test specifications are in excellent agreement.