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Life cycle-oriented analysis and evaluation of Active Flow Control in wind turbines

: Götze, U.; Symmank, C.; Dressel, M.; Schüller, M.; Schmidt, A.; Lipowski, M.; Geßner, T.; Otto, T.

International Journal of COMADEM 18 (2015), Nr.3, S.11-20
ISSN: 1363-7681
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

Active Flow Control (AFC) devices in rotor blades offer a high potential to improve the efficiency of wind turbines, e.g., by increasing rotor blade lift, improving load control or reducing acoustic emission. Thus, the energy yield can be increased and/or the rotor blades be downsized - both implying positive economic consequences. However, since AFC devices also cause additional costs in different phases of their life cycle, a life cycle-related evaluation of their profitability is necessary. The paper presents a decision theory-based procedure model, which enables not only a sophisticated evaluation of AFC concepts and devices but also the identification of needs and potentials for improvement.