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A μs-pulsed dielectric barrier discharge source

Physical characterization and biological effects on human skin fibroblasts
: Tiede, R.; Hirschberg, J.; Viöl, W.; Emmert, S.


Plasma Processes and Polymers 13 (2016), Nr.8, S.775-787
ISSN: 1612-8850
ISSN: 1612-8869
Fraunhofer IST ()

As the field of plasma medicine eventually develops, safety aspects of biocompatible plasma sources are becoming ever more important for a safe usage of plasma devices as medical instruments. In this study physical and biological safety parameters of an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) source with a phosphate buffered saline-electrode (PBS-electrode) were analyzed. For a general characterization of this DBD device the dissipated power, rotational and electron energies, and reactive species were investigated. Cell vitality tests of human skin fibroblasts treated with the device directly and indirectly were performed using an MTS assay. Additionally, applying a host cell reactivation (HCR) assay fibroblasts' DNA repair capacity for plasma-induced damages was examined. Our risk assessments indicate that this DBD device can be used safely in therapeutic applications.