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45 mm ignition study with a CAB-LOVA gun propellant

: Sättler, A.; Aberg, D.; Rakus, D.; Heiser, R.

Woodley, C. ; National Defense Industrial Association -NDIA-; International Ballistics Society -IBS-:
29th International Symposium on Ballistics 2016. Proceedings. Vol.1: General, exterior ballistics, interior ballistics & launch dynamics, vulnerability & survivability : Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 9-13 May 2016
Lancaster, Pa.: DEStech Publications, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-60595-317-5
International Symposium on Ballistics (ISB) <29, 2016, Edinburgh>
Fraunhofer EMI ()

The Electro-thermal Ignition (ETI) of gun propellants has several advantages compared to the conventional methods using e. g. black powder. One aspect is the capability to control the energy input into the propellant bed. Further on a more efficient ignition of insensitive and difficult to ignite propellants is expected. This paper describes a study with the CABLOVA gun propellant NL008 where ETI and Black Powder were used for propellant ignition in a 45 mm laboratory gun. The ignition behavior at two loading densities and different energies was studied in order to compare both ignition methods.