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Advanced services for critical infrastructures protection

: Kozik, Rafal; Choras, Michal; Flizikowski, Adam; Theocharidou, Marianthi; Rosato, Vittorio; Rome, Erich

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Journal of ambient intelligence & humanized computing 6 (2015), Nr.6, S.783-795
ISSN: 1868-5137
ISSN: 1868-5145
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IAIS ()
CIPRNet project; critical infrastructure protection; decision support; modelling and simulation; services

In this paper an overview of the first results of FP7 CIPRNet project is presented. Particularly, we demonstrate CIPRNet services for critical infrastructure protection (CIP) stakeholders. The role of the proposed services is to support decisions in the CIP domain. Moreover, those services are expected to serve as the underpinnings for the European Infrastructures Simulation and Analysis Centre (EISAC) which, similarly to the US NISAC, should provide operational services on CIP, for the benefits of CI operators, stakeholders and the Public Authorities committed to CIP.