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Mobile application quality assurance: Reading scenarios as inspection and testing support authors

: Holl, Konstantin; Elberzhager, Frank

Kaiserslautern, 2016, 5 S.
IESE-Report, 034.16/E
Reportnr.: 034.16/E
Fraunhofer IESE ()
quality assurance; inspection; scenario generation; reading technique; mobile application development

The quality of mobile applications is one essential factor for their success because users discard applications of insufficient quality immediately. Due to the peculiarities of mobile application development, there is a need for a quality assurance approach that focuses on its challenges. Missing mobile-specific testing methods and time and effort constraints are challenges that mobile application developing companies have to cope with nowadays. We therefore propose a mobile-specific approach that supports doing inspections and testing by reading scenarios that focus on typical mobile issues. Scenarios providing detailed support for inspectors regarding mobile-specific problems are used during an inspection to check quality early and produce mobile-specific test cases that can be used directly during testing. In order to reduce the effort for quality assurance, automation is used. Hence, our contribution in this paper is an approach for generating those scenarios. As proof of concept, we implemented a scenario generator that realizes the automated provision of scenarios considering the concrete project scope. This is intended to enable the use of reading scenarios in order to focus mobile application quality assurance.