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Transverse pump-probe microscopy of moving breakdown, filamentation and self-organized absorption in alkali aluminosilicate glass using ultrashort pulse laser

: Grossmann, D.; Reininghaus, M.; Kalupka, C.; Kumkar, M.; Poprawe, R.

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Erstellt am: 1.10.2016

Optics Express 24 (2016), Nr.20, S.23221-23231
ISSN: 1094-4087
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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We present time and space resolved transverse pump-probe measurements of the free electron and defect generation induced by nonlinear absorption of ultra short pulsed laser radiation in unhardened Corning Gorilla glass. The applied setup exhibits a 100 fs probe pulse duration and an independent pump pulse duration up to 5 ps. Hence, our work comprises the absorption of ultra short pulsed laser radiation at a wavelength of 800 nm and pulse energies from 10 μJ to 50 μJ up to a delay of 6 ns. Our investigations reveal different absorption regimes like filamentation and moving breakdown as well as the formation of permanent modifications. Finally, the deposition of multiple pulses in the incubation regime is examined, observing a self-organizing absorption effect.