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Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems - A Challenge for Standardisation

: Schneider, Peter; Schwarz, Peter

Standardisation for Microsystems: The Way Forward. Proceedings for the International Seminar MEMSTAND : Barcelona, 24-26 February, 2003
Barcelona, 2003
International Seminar MEMSTAND <2003, Barcelona>
Fraunhofer IIS, Institutsteil Entwurfsautomatisierung (EAS) ()

Microsystems may be characterized as multi-domain systems. Today, they usually comprise two or three physical domains and analog/digital electronics in a desired interaction. Additionally, parasitic effects often have to be analyzed regardig their influence on the system performance. The future development of microsystems will be characterized by an increasing number of features and, therefore, by an increasing number of interacting physical domains such as: electronics, mechanics, electrostatic and electromagnetic fields, thermal effects, chemical reactions, fluidics, biological grow processes etc., which have to be considered simultaneously in the design process. Furthermore, there will be an increasing complexity (from single sensors with an analog evaluation circuit towards complex multi-sensor-systems) and a variety of technical realizations (surface micromachining on CMOS chips, hybrid modules, stacked or folded multi chip modules, e.g. LIGA + ASICs on flexible substrates, and many more). The only way to handle this complexity (physical effects, manufacturing conditions, etc.) is an efficient design methodology supported by powerful algorithms, efficient desing tools and standardized interfaces. Modeling and simulations on different levels of abstraction and in different design phases will be essential methods to consider design objectives like functionality, reliability, fault tolerances, costs, and manufacturability.