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Relating the Pendulum of Democracy with Oncology Research

: Schmidt, Christian; Brown, Mark A.

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Journal of clinical & experimental oncology. Online journal 4 (2015), Nr.3, 1 S.
ISSN: 2324-9110
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It has been over 40 years since President Richard M. Nixon signed the National Cancer Act. Considered radically progressive by some in 1971, few today recognize the political implications of this legislation for a conservative U.S. president. In retrospect, the signing of the National Cancer Act highlights how closely most U.S. politicians operate to political center, relative to their global counterparts. Thus, the rest of the world is often mystified by the ability of the pendulum of American democracy to drive revolutionary events with global impacts, following a subtle swing to the left or right of the political center. Herein, we reflect upon the relationship between this pendulum of democracy and oncology research.