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Developing an orientating framework for strategic reflection: The Res-AGorA responsibility navigator

: Lindner, Ralf; Kuhlmann, Stefan; Walhout, Bart

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Technikfolgenabschätzung, Theorie und Praxis. Technology assessment 25 (2016), Nr.2, S.66-71
ISSN: 0943-8246
ISSN: 1619-7623
ISSN: 2199-9201
European Commission EC
FP7-SIS; 321427; Res-AGorA
Responsible Research and Innovation in a Distributed Anticipatory Governance Frame. A Constructive Socio-normative Approach
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The quest for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) has experienced a remarkable upsurge during the past few years. While the debate on RRI, as it is primarily labelled at the EU level, is far from being completed and stabilised, the demand for concrete conceptual approaches and instruments, which can contribute to the aim of making research and innovation more “responsible”, has increased significantly (Lindner/Kuhlmann 2016, p. 22). To this end, an impressive number of research projects and coordination activities have been initiated during the recent past. In this broader context of projects funded by the EU, the Res-AGorA project[1] had the objective to develop a comprehensive governance framework for RRI (EC 2011b, p. 7f.).