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Differences in the public perception of CCS in Germany depending on CO2 source, transport option and storage location

: Dütschke, Elisabeth; Wohlfarth, Katharina; Höller, Samuel; Viebahn, Peter; Schumann, Diana; Pietzner, Katja


International journal of greenhouse gas control 53 (2016), S.149-159
ISSN: 1750-5836
Fraunhofer ISI ()
acceptance; Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS); experimental design; public perception

One of the factors decelerating a further diffusion of the carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is the public’s negative perception of early pilot or demonstration activities in Germany as well as in other countries. This study examined the public perception of CCS in more detail by looking into different options within the CCS chain, i.e. for the three elements capture, transport and storage. This was analyzed using an experimental approach, realized in an online survey with a representative German sample of 1830 citizens. Each participant evaluated one of 18 different CCS scenarios created using three types of CO2 source (industry, biomass, coal), two transport options (pipeline vs. no specification), and three storage possibilities (saline aquifer, depleted gas field, enhanced gas recovery (EGR)). Overall, we found that the ratings of CCS were neutral on average. However, if the CO2 is produced by a biomass power plant or industry, CCS is rated more positively than in a scenario with a coal-fired power plant. The specifications of transport and storage interacted with each other such that scenarios including EGR or a depleted gas field without mentioning a pipeline were evaluated better than storing it in a saline aquifer or a depleted gas field and mentioning a pipeline as means of transport. Exploratory regression analyses indicate the high relevance of the respective CO2 source in general as well as the perceived importance of this source for Germany.