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Research and innovation futures: Exploring new ways of doing and organizing knowledge creation

: Weber, Matthias; Amanatidou, Effie; Erdmann, Lorenz; Nieminen, Mika


Foresight 18 (2016), Nr.3, S.193-203
ISSN: 1463-6689
ISSN: 1465-9832
Fraunhofer ISI ()
foresight; future of research and innovation

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of research and innovation futures, sketch the landscape of recent findings in this field with a focus on new ways of doing and organizing knowledge creation and position the contributions to this special issue within that landscape.
This paper includes a review of literature on the embedding of research and innovation in society, outlines the main domains of current drivers of change and summarises the contributions to the special issue.
Recent controversies about the future of research and innovation draw on a long-standing trajectory of debate about the role of science, technology and innovation in society, and the balance between autonomy in striving for scientific excellence on the one hand and the quest for social and economic relevance on the other. Six major domains of current and expected future changes in research and innovation are identified, and serve as the backdrop for positioning the more specific contributions to this special issue.
The main value of this contribution is to provide a condensed and original look at emerging directions of change in research and innovation practices and their organisational and institutional embedding in society.