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Genetically modified higher plants with increased photosynthesis and/or biomass production, methods and uses thereof

: Kreuzaler, Fritz; Nölke, Greta; Schillberg, Stefan; Barsoum, Mirna; Fischer, Rainer

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EP 3029060 A1: 20141201
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The technology provided herein generally relates relates to genetically modified higher plants, for example C3 and C4 plants, and subsequent generations thereof, comprising stable and/or transient expression of at least one gene-product (e.g. mRNA or protein) of the "Chlamydomonas reinhardtii CO2 concentrating mechanism" (CCM), wherein the expression takes place in the intermembrane space and/or one or more subcellular compartments of the chloroplasts of the higher plant, and wherein this expression increases one or more of the characteristics selected from the group of photosynthetic rate, photosynthetic carbon fixation, chlorophyll level and/or biomass of the genetically modified higher plant (T0) and/or of the T1 and/or T2 generation or any subsequent plant generation of said genetically modified higher plant.