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Fracture, fatigue, and creep of nanotwinned metals

: Li, X.; Dao, M.; Eberl, C.; Hodge, A.M.; Gao, H.


MRS Bulletin 41 (2016), Nr.4, S.298-304
ISSN: 0883-7694
National Science Foundation NSF
Fraunhofer IWM ()

As a relatively new class of hierarchically structured materials, nanotwinned (NT) metals exhibit an exceptional combination of high strength, good ductility, large fracture toughness, remarkable fatigue resistance, and creep stability. This article reviews current studies on fracture, fatigue, and creep of NT metals, with an emphasis on the fundamental deformation and failure mechanisms. We focus on the complex interactions among cracks, dislocations, and twin boundaries, the influence of microstructure, twin size, and twinning/detwinning on damage evolution, and the contribution of nanoscale twins to fatigue and creep under indentation and irradiation conditions. The article also includes critical discussions on the effects of twin thickness and grain size on the fracture toughness, fatigue resistance, and creep stability of NT metals.