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Fabrication of computer-generated holograms using femtosecond laser direct writing

: Berlich, R.; Richter, D.; Richardson, M.; Nolte, S.


Optics Letters 41 (2016), Nr.8, S.1752-1755
ISSN: 0146-9592
Fraunhofer IOF ()

We demonstrate a single-step fabrication method for computer-generated holograms based on femtosecond laser direct writing. Therefore, a tightly arranged longitudinal waveguide array is directly inscribed into a transparent material. By tailoring the individual waveguide length, the phase profile of an incident laser beam can be arbitrarily adapted. The approach is verified in common borosilicate glass by inscribing a designed phase hologram, which forms the desired intensity pattern in its far field. The resulting performance is analyzed, and the potential as well as limitations of the method are discussed.